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Rishta Indian Super Basmati Rice

Rishta Indian Super Basmati Rice

Rishta India super basmati rice is India finest authentic rice .Rishta India super rice is sourced from basmati growing regions, where it is carefully tended and harvested by hand .the paddy is tested for pedigree and left to age for one year. Finally, it is cleaned, milled and packed with care and expertise- in a totally hands free operation at worlds sophisticated rice making plant.

The result 100% basmati smooth, pearl white grain-extra long Extra fine. A characteristic aroma is released on rubbing the grains gently.

On cooking, the grains fluff up and grow to twice and more he length. The cooked grains won't break or stick together. Its aroma fills the house .the flavor, as you can expact,is simply delicious.

Storage Instruction: Always store "RISHTA India super" in a cool & dry place, away from direct sunlight.

eatures:--International style packing Eye catching color combination and graphics.