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Basmati Rice

Rishta Royal Basmati Rice

Shri Krishna Rice and General Mills for the past 30 years may produce agriculture is contributing to the new and modern technology as well as using the Machines of Export Quality basmati rice production is associated with which he through Customers have chosen to deliver their product to foreign countries.

Shri Krishna Rice and General Mills Basmati rice that is produced through several brands in the market today such as Available :

Rishta Premium Basmati Rice  Rishta Royal Basmati Rice 
Rishta Classic Basmati Rice  989 Basmati Rice 
Ristha India Super Basmati  Rishta Diamond Basmati rice 
Rishta Gold Basmati Rice  Ristha Brown basmati rice 
Ristha Super Mini Mongra  Rishta Super Mongra 
Rishta Super Dubar Basmati Rice  Ristha Tibar Basmati Rice