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Indian Basmati Rice Exporters, White Basmati Rice, Basmati Rice Exporter

We are one of the leading exporter / manufacturer of agricultural commodities for several years. we are in this trade for generations and are committed to the quality of products we export as well as to the client of relatoinship among our client. we have established our supremacy in the fragrant basmati rice market world with our unmatch quality and dominant market share. we have the state of art processing plant in the rice belt of basmati HARYANA with an installed minimum capcity of 240 ton per day and consisting of sophisticated machineries from world best company i. e satake Japan. these plants also contains fully automatic machines. the company has advanced processing tecnology, runing from milling, parboilling and color sorting.

We will be obliged if you could provide us a to serve you, and let us know your current requirment of differnt type of rice. An early and favorable respose is solicited.

All plants are equipped with the most modern machinery and advanced laboratories for extensive testing. Quality control processes are religiously adhered to in order to ensure uniform quality.

The company decided to start the business of milling, processing of rice products and entering in the domestic as well as in the international markets with their brand "RISHTA BASMATI RICE". One Of The Well Known Brands In India. Other than the traditional basmati rice, we produce a wide variety of rice to suit all kind of needs - parboiled rice, white rice, brown rice and organic rice.

In-order to excel in the internal as well as global competition, the company and its team possesses the zeal to increase the acceptability of its products globally, and has successfully made its inroads into major continents of the world and started catering to the customer’s needs by exporting its product varieties under fifteen different brands all over Europe, Middle East, Canada, Africa, Australia thus managing to be recognized & appreciated time and time again by our customers & promoters worldwide. Our products are available in all packaging sizes from 1kg to 50kgs. The range of varieties represents the Rich Indian Heritage with immaculate rice quality and taste.